Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

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I apologize for the atrocious video, but it's apparently the only one of this song that will play on this site. I put up a pic to cover it, but I don't think that will replace the video once it starts playing. Close your eyes or look away and just listen. I never knew this song well until we got it in Rock Band 3, and now I love it, particularly the bass line.

spitesprite 26 Aug 2015

Fleetwood Mac is usually the first thing to go on the record player on weekend mornings.

Han 25 Sep 2011

"If I could - baby, I'd give you my world; how can I, if you won't take it from me?"   7

roydesmet 6 Jul 2014

Been stuck in my head for days. (Chris, Jonny's mate)   1

jonnyneale5 7 Sep 2013

Flletwood Mac? Which version? which song? has to be this Lindsay Buckingham on Guitar Marriage breakups etc fabulous

paullancaster1 26 Jun 2015

Mega Tune!   7

edclarke 18 Apr 2012