I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) by Grace Jones

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KingMobUK 17 Jul 2015

Accordions, Grace Jones whispering sweet nothings in your ear in French, still impossibly cool after all these years...what's not to like? And now, Ladies & Gentlemen, here's Grace!

simonhooper1 9 Sep 2014

fab one to dance the Tango with... one day...

azka 1 Mar 2012

A track for the sunshine. #summer #gracejones #tango #bass #London

Lorraine 29 Jun 2015

Not sure whether it was that scene from the Harrison Ford movie "Frantic" that made me fall in love with this tune or whether it was the tune that made the scene so iconic and memorable for me. Ah, well. Who needs rhyme or reason to dig Grace Jones anyway?   2

kayebalogun 12 Nov 2014

Love grace jones... Might go and dig some up out of the musty cupboard!   1

nzkipper 3 Jun 2014