Love Me, Please Love Me by Michel Polnareff


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but flaneur was first  

France, 1966. How this escaped being in a Wes Anderson end credits sequence, we'll never know.   15

flaneur 26 Nov 2011

1966 single was the 2nd by this enigmatic French dude, whose father wrote songs for Édith Piaf.   1

vorbis 26 Feb 2013

Ah, Michel.   2

davidovitch 16 Dec 2013

Really digging a lot of French oldies mainly because the work's van radio is tuned into an oldies station. Young colleagues not impressed though... screw 'em.

phurious 25 Oct 2014

Found this in "The Dreamers" OST and has been lingering in my mind.

ghostboy 5 Apr 2012

the french....   3

ptrwtts 26 Mar 2012