Stop Draggin' My Heart Around by Sharon Van Etten & Shearwater

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KBro 8 Sep 2014

mention of van etten's new record in the new yorker of all places reminded me of this cover, which is my favorite in the av club series by far (i spent, was it last summer?, obsessed with it). i love her voice. "there's people runnin' 'round loose in the world/ain't got nothin' better to do/than make a meal out of a bright-eyed kid/you need someone looking after you"   1

ifjuly 2 May 2014

Not much of a Stevie Nicks fan, but Sharon Van Etten makes this song just a little edgier.

onlyElizabeth 6 Apr 2015

Every year AV Club creates a list of songs and invites artists to cover them. Here's Sharon Van Etten and Shearwater's take on this Stevie Nicks track. You can find a whole bunch of these covers here:

coveredinjam 1 Apr 2015