This is England by The Clash

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This knife of Sheffield steel

mkhajdin 10 Apr 2013

@PeteLaberge @natyblooming @leejohnson @kemiladashdot @shirl @lynn200 @marissapicone @rest_in_peace @AlicejustMay @DiamondDog @lindatee @Kelly_Ochoa in my opinion their best song ........ im proud to be british after hearing it haha figure that out @JustinXbox inspired me to clash it out   11

USMC_SemperFi 6 Oct 2013

#theclash #thisisengland

JohnConnor 3 Mar 2014

this song is the one that best defines punk rock and what the true meaning of patriotism is about

USMC_SemperFi 28 Jul 2013

This should be sung more often at football matches

cliffmiddleton 1 Nov 2013

The Cash are the only band that make me proud to be British and Joe Strummer makes me glad to be alive   1

isajward919 24 Nov 2014