The Motherlode by The Staves

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so the staves have a new album out and it shreds, but i can't find my fav ('don't you call me anymore') on here so i'm dusting off my old fav from dead & born & grown. 'as long as it stays, you are here / heartbroken year after year.'

mccauleykr 3 May 2015

Had this album a month now and I keep coming back to this song.

BalloonFish 17 Dec 2012

Beautiful. They're from my hometown Watford too. Can't wait for the debut album.

DrBillyo 28 Aug 2012

Lovely music.

sophiasuesite 21 Jan 2013

Openers for Bon Iver. Amazing. Love them.

xuebles 3 Jun 2012

Track of the day:

QMagazine 2 May 2012